Dundee, a surprising city

We were to camp 2 nights in Carnoustie, but one night of lying on the ground with drunken Scots singing into the wee hours, we opted to find a room.  We lucked out and found a room in Dundee which is about 11 miles from Carnoustie.  After the tournament, we drove into Dundee and checked in.

  1.  It was a bit late and we were hungry.  The only place that was open and nearby was a Mexican restaurant.  We served Mexican by a man from Nepal in Scotland.  Honestly, I was so tired I don’t remember what I ate, I just know I was grateful for food and super great service.
  2. Dundee is not on list of places to see or go.  So it was the most authentic town we visited.  It still had buildings that were incredibly old, but they also had shops and office buildings and we were able to get a peek of typical Scottish life.  20180723_110744.jpg
  3. The videogame Grand Theft Auto was developed in Dundee.
  4. So, I’ve been putting change in my bag and in my pockets.  Their pound  which would be equivalent to our dollar, is given as a coin.  So I realized I had several dozen pounds weighing me down.
  5. We discovered an outdoor store, “Blacks” which we found to have quality gear at reasonable prices.
  6. There are signs everywhere for everything.  20180721_203108.jpg
  7. We had a great breakfast in a little coffee shop.  I had coffee and a danish and Jen had some toast.
  8. We spent longer that I had expected in Dundee exploring the shops.
  9. Both Jen and I forgot to pack face cream.  Jen said that we should stop by a store and try a sample.  Ok. So I’ve never done this before and when we went in the Body Shop, I tried a sample.  I didn’t want to look as though I kept hitting the bottle, so I made sure I had enough.  Well, a little went a long way.  I was smothered in face cream to the point that it looked like I had zinc on my face.  Jen was mortified. I simply giggled.


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