A Wee Bit of the Highland Games

We travel to see different places and experience different sporting events.  Summers in Scotland feature Highland Games.  Originally, Highland Games were actually military exercises.  Now, the Highland Games are community type festivals to celebrate Scottish heritage and competition.

  1.  We headed toward Lochearnhead for their Highland Games.  The games were held in an open field that must also double as a cow pasture as there were warnings for E.coli.
  2. There were a few tents set up like you would find at an arts festival here.  We spoke with several of the locals.  When they found out we were from the U.S., they felt very free to voice their displeasure about out President.  They do not hold back.
  3. We really enjoyed seeing the pagentry of the “clans.”  Three clans put on this Highland Games and the ceremonies are opened by the entire clans walking in behind a band of bagpipes.20180721_131225.jpg
  4. There are various events throughout the day, some of which are open to anyone.  Naturally, Jen wanted to participate in the 100 yard dash.
  5. Several of the locals were warming up and prepared to run. Then, over the loudspeaker they invited anyone to join.  Before Jen knew it, the gun was shot and the runners were off.  Jen, being the kindhearted soul that she is, was going to run in with the children and a man with down syndrome.  Only, they are Scottish and ran right past her.
  6. The locals sitting around us were cheering for Jen and one exclaimed, “She is one of us now!”
  7. All of the men competed in their kilts.  Each family has a specific tartan, or plaid design, for their kilts.20180721_123721.jpg
  8. These games were held in a rural, hilly area of Southwest Scotland.  I learned that the roads are very narrow and drivers still take hairpin turns at 50 mph.  Needless to say, it was a bit tough driving on the wrong side of the road here.
  9. For some reason there was a bird sanctuary with a tent.  So I held this owl.20180721_111747.jpg
  10. And yes, I used the handwash provided.

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