Mission Max Multi-Cool Neck Gaiter


In Florida there are 2 seasons.  Hurricane season and hotter than hell season.  As a total heat-phobe, summer can be unbearable.  Bike rides and rounds of golf have to be carefully planned to avoid the hottest part of the day and the relentless torture of the sun.  To fight the heat, I’ve tried numerous products that advertise their cooling properties with varying degrees of disappointment.

I was asked to try out the Mission Max Cool Neck Gaiter and it sat for a bit forgotten during several days of heavy rain.  Then our air conditioner broke.  It was 85 degrees inside. At 7 PM.  I saw the swath of fabric still attached to the cardboard backing and decided this was the time to give it a shot.

Immediately I was impressed with its lightweight fabric. Other cooling products I’ve tried have been large and cumbersome.  I ran the neck gaiter under the cool tap water and created a bandana buff.  I expected to feel a wet rag on my head, but was amazed at the immediate cooling effect.

I didn’t even realize I was wearing until Jen walked in and exclaimed, “It’s hot and what is on your head?”

The versatility of this product is an added bonus.  I can wear this under my hat while golfing or under my bike helmet.  It can be wrapped around my wrist, worn as a headband or around me neck.

My favorite part of this product is that it washes easily and can be easily stuffed into a  pocket until its time to use.  Unlike other cooling products, I find that I do not have to constantly re-wet it.  The Mission Max Cool Neck Gaiter is a wet it and forget it type of product that has kept me cool in the Florida heat.

The only drawbacks so far is the limited range of colors available on-line.  Some might find the price point of $19.99 a bit rich, but if you are active and want to stay cool, it is money well spent.

I will post follow up reviews after 1 month and 6 months of use.