Castles and Highlands

After Dundee, we were off to Inverness.  Specifically, Tulloch Castle.  The drive was supposed to be under three hours, but it took much longer.  We had to take a detour to the Inverness Airport to add Jen as a driver at Hertz.

  1.  The Castle was more of a country estate.  So it was a bit disappointing that the Visit Scotland website listed this as a castle.  20180723_183144
  2. The Castle was built in the 12th century, but much of it has been destroyed over the years.
  3. Before dinner, I took a walk in the countryside and enjoyed the bleating sheep in the fields.  20180723_180916
  4. At 9 pm there was a ghost tour.  It began at 9:30 because the tour guide was also the host and waiter at the bar.
  5. We were led into the dungeon which has survived since it was built in 1126.  20180723_214805
  6. Jen had some true Scotch at the bar.   Her opinion… meh.
  7. We cannot find a laundry-mat to wash clothes.  We are running out of clean clothes.
  8. According to some locals, they used to see snow quite frequently but it has been very mild the past several years.  They attribute it to climate change.
  9. The ghost stories were so so.  Of course, it just so happened that a the gregarious group of guests were living in the most haunted rooms of the hotel.   Fortunately, I was not. However, we were all warned that at times a ringing bell can be heard. I heard it.  It was the desk bell.
  10. The Castle served as a hospital for British soldiers during WWII.  The ballroom that part of the tour was the operating ward.  20180723_221749

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