Giant Things

After Stirling, we headed towards Falkirk. Someone had told us to check out the Falkirk wheel.

Apparently the Falkirk wheel is an engineering marvel in that lower boats from one canal to another.  However, it was closed when we got there and I’m not sure how it really works.

In any event, it is a pretty impressive site. 20180724_192205

After walking around and meeting an American cyclist who was cycling the canals in Scotland, we were off to see the Kelpies.  The Kelpies is a large art installation of 2 big horses.  I cannot overstate their size.


From different angles, they take on different appearances.  We saw them as the sun was setting so the light provided an interesting element.  We wanted to see them at night when they are lit up, but it’s July in Scotland and it’s not dark until 11:30.

The horses are visible from the M9 highway and it really is awe inspiring.

Andy Scott was the artist.  Each horse is 30 meters high and each weigh 300 tons.  Andy has several other sculptures throughout Scotland.


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