There is literally 1 laundry mat in Scotland

And it’s in Stirling.  So we drove the hours back from Tulloch Castle to Stirling.  We had decided that this portion of the trip would not be as planned as the first few days.  So without a place to stay or what to do, we set off.

Only now it was Jen’s turn to drive.

Every time I drove, Jen calmly, to hide her stress, repeatedly told me that I was driving very close to the left side of the road.  Apparently, I had almost hit a few cars.

What was the very 1st thing Jen did when she put the car in drive?  She promptly hit the left curb.

I snickered.

After that, the drive was uneventful.  We followed google maps to the laundry mat in Stirling.  Upon arrival, there were two women who had every washer and dryer filled with more going in. They were professional launderers.  We learned that everyone does laundry at home.

Dejected and dirty we headed to the hotel, a Holiday Inn. The receptionist had a deep Scottish accent as she was a Glasgow native.  She was going over the hotel’s policies and asking some questions when Jen wanted to chime in   Only, Jen could not understand a word she was saying and talked to me seeking me to translate.  I looked at Jen and said, “You know she is speaking English, right?”

The room was nicely appointed.  Although we had a little difficulty deciphering which button to press on the toilet to flush #1 vs. #2.

Then it was off to Stirling Castle.  A real castle.

Entrance to Sterling Castle- notice the cannonball marks on the right.
Sterling Castle was often seen as the key to Scotland
There are still cannonball pock marks from the 1740’s on this wall
This is the Queen’s “privy” chamber
  1. Stirling Castle was built up by Mary Queen of Scots.
  2. This considered the key to Scotland because it controls the flatland just beyond Castle Hill.
  3. Mary Queen of Scots was crowned as Queen here at the castle when she was just 5 months old.
  4. The rooms were huge; I wonder how hard it was to heat.
  5. After Stirling, we walked into town and had lunch.  I don’t recall what we ate, Italian I think, but again, found ourselves in a restaurant where there was 1 chef, and 1 person to seat, take orders, serve and clean up.

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