Stanley Cup Final Game 2

After the Penguins clinched the Eastern Conference final in a thrilling double overtime in game 7, Jen and I decided to see if we could manage to catch a Stanley Cup Final Game. After finding tickets to game 2 in Pittsburgh and applying airline miles, we were on our way.  But since game 2 fell on a Wednesday night, we both had to work.  So our itinerary was short.  We spent only 12 hours in Pittsburgh but it was fun.  We were working in Florida at 2:00, eating Primanti’s at Market Square at 6:30 and hitting our seats in PPG … Continue reading Stanley Cup Final Game 2


This was my first time at Wrigley, Jen’s third trip to the Friendly Confines.  Anyone who has any awareness of American sports knows that the Cubs endured 108 years between Championships.  The fans  were known as Lovable Losers for enduring years of futility.  Their motto was “Wait Until Next Year.”  So in October 2016, when they finally shed their championship drought, Cubs fan experienced pure jubilation. I wish I had visited Wrigley before they became World Champions so I could compare the attitudes and vibes of the before and after.  Even without that perspective, there’s still a silly drunkenness feel … Continue reading WRIGLEY FIELD


One of the unique parts of our trip was visiting a Chicago fire house.  So yeah, it’s a fire house, not a station like I’m used to referring to.  The tour was provided courtesy of  Henry Mendoza who happens to be the brother of one of Jen’s co-workers.  During our visit, a call came in requiring an ambulance and the fire engine to leave the house. This fire house was used by the “Chicago Fire” actors to train before filming began. A fire engine is not the same as a fire truck.  An engine pumps the water while a fire … Continue reading CHICAGO FIRE HOUSE


  We visited Chicago Easter weekend and had a blast.  Here are my quick bits: Great city. I loved being in an urban setting without the claustrophobia that I feel after a few days in New York City. I loved how easily walkable the city is and they have a robust bike share program that adds to the accessibility of tourist spots. Lake Michigan is such a great backdrop and the multi-use trial along the Lake just adds to the City.   The people are laid back and polite.  Not once did I hear someone obnoxiously talking on their cell … Continue reading CHICAGO

Blimp bits

This morning I was able to tour Wingfoot One, the Goodyear Blimp, stationed out of the Pompano Beach Airfield.  The size is massive and the photos will not do it justice.  But here are some interesting facts I  learned about the blimp.  It’s max speed is 90 mph, but rarely sees that.  It averages around 40 mph. There is no special course or flying school to learn how to fly the blimp. Rather, you must have a resume of flying various types of aircraft. There’s a crew of 25 that travel with the blimp.  So when the blimp is overheard, … Continue reading Blimp bits

Quick bits

1.  The merchandise for the Olympics is sparse.  Perhaps I’m used to American consumerism in which they will stick a logo on just about anything, but not the case here.  There’s only about 5 styles of t-shirts and you better like white or blue.  Same thing with hats; white or blue.  Thought I was going to crush my Christmas shopping here but that’s not going to happen. 2.  I tried the brigadiero…it’s a dessert.  Tastes like chocolate icing but smoother.  Delicious. 3.  I have yet to see that obnoxiously drunk guy.   Hope I don’t. 4.   Security is everwhere … Continue reading Quick bits

Quick bits – tourist edition

1.  Not a lot of commercialism here.  Maybe a few drug store and fast food chains, but everything seems like a mom and pop shop. 2.  We had dinner tonight at the bar where the song   “Girl from Ipamena” was written. 3.  Salads are not really a thing here.  We ordered a salad and it consisted of leaves of lettuce with a dozen tomato slices and half of a sliced onion on a serving tray.   4.  Sugar loaf mountain was a great experience.  Stunning views. 5.  The drivers here are insane.  They pass cars within inches at fast … Continue reading Quick bits – tourist edition

A few of the sights

That boy got some height After setting a new Olympic and World Record in the hammer throw, everyone chanted Anita’s name.   After the men’s 3000m steeplechase heat, a little sportsmanship. What happens to the hammer (the ball on a string) after the athlete throws it and it’s measured? Why they place it in a remote control truck and take it back. Simone, before the individual vault competition, looking at the women she’s about to crush. I would like to apologize to the British family in front of me as I apparently hit them several times with the flag.  But … Continue reading A few of the sights

Quick Bits

1. I’ve seen the southern cross constellation. 2.  Watched a Polish athlete set a new world record in the hammer throw. 3.  I’m still amazed at the size of the crowds.  Everywhere we go it’s a steady stream of people.  I’m talking 5-6 people across for as far as the eye can see.  There’s a lot of walking but not a lot of waiting. 4.  We are officially Olympic veterans: we saw an American family standing confused, map in hand, trying to get directions.  We were able to help them decipher all the stops, subway, busses and trains. 5.  Speaking … Continue reading Quick Bits