Quick bits

1.  The parallel parking here is an art form.  On a steep hill a car can park within inches, front and back, all while driving a stick. 2.  It takes awhile to get from venue to venue, but it’s hassle free.  They are doing an amazing job of keeping people headed in the right direction. 3.  Brazalians do not eat a lot of food in the stands.  Maybe a beer or a coke, but nothing like the US where a person will have nachos, hot dog, pretzel and a beer in one tray. 4.  I ordered a pizza at the … Continue reading Quick bits

Quick bits

1.I’m not seeing a lot of wildlife here and I can’t figure out why. 2.  There are volunteers everywhere.  I spoke with one woman who told me that just 1 restaraunt for the athletes has over 2000 volunteers. 3.  A soda, bag of chips and a hot dog will cost you $10 USD. 4.  I’ve been making one big language mistake.  I thought I’ve been saying “sorry” to people if I accidently bump into them or try to squeeze by.  But I’ve been saying “Listen!” instead.   5.  Today in a long line to buy souveniers, a cash register opened … Continue reading Quick bits

Records and Politics

Today, as a fan of sports, was one that I will not soon forget.  When we bought our tickets, we only had a general idea of the event, not who would be participating.  We wanted to see Phelps in a final but when the scheduled was released we realized that we would only see some heats.  Stilll happy with our tickets, we took a metro train and a bus to the Olympic Park located in Barra.  On the train, I struck up a coversation with Dave and Kathy from Australia. One of the first questions posed was what I thought … Continue reading Records and Politics

First Impressions

As in any first visit, the typical first stop is usually the airport bathroom.  I probably wouldn’t discuss this, but the bathroom at the Rio  de Janiero airport (GIG) was one of the most beautiful and cleanest I’ve ever been in.  Wood panelled walls, shiny clean floors and we may have been the first passengers to ever use this restroom.  I will have to find out if this part of the airport was recently built. Our contact at the irport, Marcello, happily told us what to eat and drink, keeping in line with every Brazalian I’ve ever met.  He also … Continue reading First Impressions

Those moments

Our flight was delayed almost three hours leaving Miami, but the passengers were in high spirits.  USA, Jamaica, and Germany shirts were among the few at the gate.  Half of the Australian track and field team were there also.  The excitement was evident through the unusual boisterous comaraderie shared among everyone.  We all were Olympic bound. Once on board, Jen and I found ourselves seated in the midst of the Aussie’s.  They reminded me of my college sport days of traveling with my teammates.  The eagerness, exhaustion and youthfulness tied together in matching warm ups. Since we were delayed, I … Continue reading Those moments

Brazilian Excitement

I live in an area of South Florida that is considered Little Brazil.  I have many Brazilian clients and work with several people who call Brazil home.  Today, the chatter around the office was all Olympics.  One woman wore her new Rio Olympic t-shirt that she bought on a recent visit to her parents.   I walked into a little market today and the cashier began speaking to me in Portguese, when she caught herself and apologized.  I told her that I didn’t mind and that I was going to Rio.  Her eyes welled up.  She began to Samba in … Continue reading Brazilian Excitement

Zika? Isis? We’re Americans, dammit.

Other than Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas, I’ve never left the U.S.  I am absolutely beyond excited to experience a different culture and a new language (Portuguese, not Spanish, by the way) and step foot on a new continent.  I work with and have many Brazilian clients.  When I tell them I’m going to Rio, I am met with a passionate and proud list of things to do, eat and drink:  Cristo Redentor, Sugar Mountain, the Museums, brigadieros (a type of candy), feijoada (a pork dish), fresh fruit juices and more. Of course, there are plenty of Debbie Downer Americans:  … Continue reading Zika? Isis? We’re Americans, dammit.

Events and Tickets

When deciding on which events to see, I had this philosophy:  See 1 original Olympic game, 1 new Olympic sport, and a sport with little exposure in the U.S.  Jen added another:  1 event in which we can see an American win gold and watch the Stars & Stripes be raised. With these criteria,  we began looking at purchasing tickets which is not as simple as it may sound.  Tickets went on sale in Brazil in April of 2015, but only for Brazilian citizens.  Each Olympic Country is distributed an allotment of tickets that are sold through distributors.  In the … Continue reading Events and Tickets

Adventure Underway

When I was 6, my family piled into the faux-wood paneled station wagon and drove across the country.  As the youngest of 3, I sat in the rear on the backwards facing seat, essentially seeing everywhere we had just been.  The sound of the highway murmuring beneath the tires and of half frozen ice sloshing around inside the cooler provided my soundtrack of seeing America.  It was during this trip, seeing landscapes so different from the one outside of my bedroom window, that I became a traveler. Now 41, I’ve had some wonderful adventures, but the appreciation for the ones … Continue reading Adventure Underway