Ediburgh or Edinboro?


After St. Andrews, we drove down to Edinburgh.  Although numerous people have referred to it to Edinboro. So I don’t know.  But what I do know, is that the city has some amazing history.

  1.  The skyline is dominated by Edinburgh Castle.  It’s pretty awesome in size.  We stayed right behind the castle, across the street on the Royal Mile.
  2. Oddly enough, they built a stadium directly behind the castle.  They did nothing to try and make it blend it in.  A concert was going on so the air was filled with live music.
  3. So it is a bit touristy.  I went into a kilt shop and was asked what I was interested in by a Middle Eastern man.
  4. Obligatory photo with a bag piper.20180720_204014.jpg
  5. We were exhausted and slept soundly.  The next morning, Jen wanted to hike up to Arthur’s Seat.  It’s a park that has the highest peak in the area. Jen called an Uber.  I didn’t want to hike, but I wanted to explore Holyrood, the Queen’s mansion which sat beneath the Arthur’s seat. However, our Uber driver offered to drive us to the top of Arthur’s seat.  Jen explained, that she wanted to hike to the top.  His response? “Oh, you like to hike?  Great, I’ll drive you to the top.”  We had to beg for him to stop about half way up the hillside.  Needless to say, I was now going to hike withe Jen but I was able to watch some cool hawks that would hover for a bit before dive bombing their prey.
  6. So J,K. Rowling began writing her Harry Potter books in a cafe in the Old Town of Edinburgh.  I could see how the streets inspired the feel of the books.
  7. There are little alleyways that the call a Close.  It’s typically a narrow passageway with steps.  But along the passageways there are bars, stores, apartments.  Everywhere you look there are nooks and crannies.  20180725_192032
  8. I don’t see a lot of BBQ flavored “crisps.”  But there’s plenty of steak flavor.  It’s one of those tastes that seems good at first but after a few, it’s disgusting.20180724_211542
  9. We can’t say that we love the food, but the food is definitely fresh.  It’s bland, but not processed.

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