I am driving on the right side of the road…no the left, right!

After our little prop plane ride to Glasgow, I wanted to see where my great grandparents had lived when they were married. We rented a car and decided to try and find the addresses. Here’s our adventure….

1. This was seriously one of the most difficult and stressful things I have ever done. You know how its tough to rent a car that you are unfamiliar with in a strange city? Ok, now add in sitting on the wrong side, driving on the wrong side, with a sun setting in your eyes, on only a few hours (if that) of intermittent sleep.

2. I told myself to be a kicker for the Buffalo Bills and make sure I was wide right on all my turns. Apparently the biggest mistake people make are with right hand turns and turning into the “right” lane.

3. Glasgow has a lot of round abouts. I became very religious navigating them.

4. Jen told me to take my time and go slow. We were on a highway and cars are just flying past us….I guess I was a little too slow.

5. Alex, my great grandfather only lived about 8 miles from where we are staying. It took us about 20 miles to get there because I could never figure out where to turn. So we got an inadvertent tour of Glasgows finest warehouses and back streets.

6. The view from his house was over all of Glasgow. I imagine he and Alice, my great grandmother, spent many evenings watching the sun set.

6. Alice must have lived above a shop. The neighborhood was strange as everything was closed already by 7 pm. But next door there was a dentist…I’m sure that wasn’t there 116 years ago, but still a little strange considering her grandson was one of Pittsburgh’s finest dentists.


7. I need to figure out what these zig zag lines mean.

8. I totally understand Chevy Chase and “Big Ben, Parliament”

9. Apparently, I am hugging the left side of the road a little too close. According to Jen, who remained calm, I almost hit several curbs, parked cars, and a person.

10. Jen did think she was driving at one point and began turning an imaginary steering wheel.  After I parked, she put the car in park out of habit.

11. The GPS at one point said, “Stay in the left lane to turn right.” I still can’t figure that out and my head hurts.

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