Getting There: Miami to Dublin

It is always a bit daunting when faced with an entire day of travel which includes a red eye. We left Miami a little before 10 PM on a 8 and 1/2 hour flight. We flew Aer Lingus, an Irish airline. Here are our quick hits:

1. Yes, the airplane cabin decor is various shades of green. Which matched the color of the ocean waters. They were a green that I would expect to see in the Caribbean.

2. Great airline. Roomy seats even in economy that actually recline back.

3. Jen’s seat had a wet spot. Perhaps the prior passenger had an accident? But with the provided blanket and pillow, she created a sufficient barrier. (I did offer to switch seats).

4. We had a choice of a hot dinner. Meat and potatoes or pasta. I chose pasta and it was surprisingly tasty. Great side salad with feta, cucumbers and tomatoes. The dessert had questionable fruit pieces buried in the chocolate mousse. Do not try to trick me into eating more fruits and vegetables this way.

5. The Dublin airport was very difficult to find info for our connecting flight to Glasgow. We had a 4 hour layover so it was apparently too early to post the gate info.

6. Not a lot of female travelers. We hung out at the airport lounge and were the only women. All the men were very nicely dressed. Business casual if you will. We did not see that sloppy looking guy in basketball shorts and a tshirt.

7. The lounge is fantastic. One of the perks of our credit card is free lounge access.

8. The food display looked much better than the taste. I’m a big fan of cheese and crackers but I think I was duped into eating a Communion cracker.

9. I was a bit surprised that the signs at the Dublin airport were in English and Gaelic. I sorta thought Gaelic was a dying language. Glad to see that it is not.

10. My first impression of the Irish are that they are a very serious people. I guess I had imagined big personalities, but I’m discovering a polite yet dry personality. Maybe it’s too early for Guiness?

11. Most obvious clue I’m not in the US anymore? I don’t see any baseball fields when the plane is on its final approach.

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